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DTUsat Standard Hot Dog

The necessary and optional ingredients of a DTUsat Standard Hot Dog.

Any Rocket Scientist recognizes the necessity of standards. Having well defined standards and interfaces mixed with skilled engineers forms a sound basis of a space project.

Being fond of standards ofcourse we have a standard Hot Dog.

The necessary ingredients:

1: LangelŠnder sausages

2: Baguette Ó L'Ancienne

3: Mutti Ketchup

4: Dijon Mustard

5: Remoulade

6: Roasted onions

Optional ingredients:

7: Grated carrot

8: Pickled cucumber slices

9: Soft drink (your choice), non-standard ketchup

not shown: Chopped raw onions

How To

Using your hand to rotate sausages and bread will increase risk of getting burns.

You need a BBQ, gas or charcoal are equally suited.

Grill both the sausages and the bread - bread is tricky it burns easily.

Once done - i.e. sausages cracked open and bread crisp - slice bread open. Spread mustard inside bread, fill bread with: Sausage, ketchup, remoulade (in that order). Top with: roasted onions, grated carrots. Optional toppings: pickled sliced cucumber, raw onions.