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Mission Patch Competition

DTUsat has arranged a mission patch competition. Design the coolest mission patch and win a bottle of Cava.


The rules are simple:

  • The design should clearly indicate DTUsat and the project.
  • It should look cool.
  • Latin words or phrases are not a hindrance.
  • Patch size should be kept below 8 cm.
  • The designs are evaluated and the winner chosen by a jury.


Dead-line of patch design submission:

  • Friday 4. May 2007.


Designs are submitted to René Fléron


Design Inspiration

As inspiration you may consider the small pictures below or use some of the keywords:


  • Space
  • Cuckoo
  • Satellite


Further inpiration may be found on some of these pages presenting mission patches:





What is a Mission Patch?

A mission patch is a cloth badge - typically circular - with a distinct design that clearly indicates the bearer affiliation with the depicted project.

See also the entry on mission patches on Wikkipedia.